ITS for logistics

ITS for logistics

Aleph has developed a smart and light tracking system for multi-modal logistics networks: it is at the base of a cargo community system and it connects logistic nodes in a unique shared platform. The structure is similar to a social network: users join the system and share information about facilities and shipment. Nowadays, the system has been adopted by a MED project network, composed by Ports, Freight VIllages and Logistic Hubs and it

The idea is to use the low cost technology of passive RFID UHF and web-services in order to assure the storage of certified data and their safe movement along the physical and virtual network.

Benefits connected to the use of the system:

  • Lower waiting time at gates’ check-in
  • Lower pollution due to queuing time-series
  • Development of a virtual network over the physical one
  • Development of an ad-hoc data storing and processing system

The same system can be adopted by smaller community or multi-hubs company for controlling vehicles’ movements and access.