Aleph reinvents itself continuously, proposing to its clients always cutting-edge solutions for ICT applications in the field of transport and mobility. One of the relevant proposal is the development of tools for the payments related to the user’s movements: that is e-ticketing for public transport, parking payment or anything else. Aleph has in fact developed a platform for the management of public and intermodal transport, in order to improve the urban mobility and reduce the pollutants’ emissions. The goals of the platform are:

  • e-ticketing integration for the public transport, especially with parking systems, tramway and bus lines (park&ride)
  • to reach the higher number of users, providing an easy and intuitive e-ticketing system, based on a mobile app available for any kind of users.

The app developed by Aleph let the user to:

  • buy the parking or a ticket for the public transport just downloading the app and registering on the system
  • pay the parking or the ticket with credit card or via sms
  • pay an extra time for the parking when the time is expiring; before the expiring of the parking payment the app advise the user of the time remaining.

Nowadays the app has been adopted by a CIP-ICT project co-financed by the European Comunity (www.mobiwallet-project.eu).