Infomobility services for safety

Infomobility services for safety

The technological spirit of Aleph joins the field of info-mobility with the system integration in order to implement services for safety. Aleph, in fact, has developed a programmable remote control unit that allows the connection between a central server and distributed technologies (typically sensors).

The system is a powerful tool for capturing data from:

  • flow sensors
  • parking sensors
  • seismographs
  • rain sensor
  • thermometers
  • Traffic light control units
  • environmental control units
  • floating cars (AVM)
  • sensors weighing vehicles in motion (WIM)

The control unit is also able to allow the change in the settings of the remote sensors and it takes care of collecting the data, store and communicate to a remote server.

The units core is represented by a client-server system specifically designed to be used on embedded systems. The system is able to create a bridge among the central server and remote devices. The system lets an easy management of the remote control unit’s for monitoring, actualization and control.